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Insaani Haqooq Ka Ilmi Manshoor (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Insaani Haqooq Ka Ilmi Manshoor (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Urdu. This is a PDF file.

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On desi misogyny and fat jokes about women

On desi misogyny and fat jokes about women


Forced Marriages – Sara’s story (Urdu with English subtitles).

Forced marriage, REPORT IT (anonymously if you wish), SPEAK OUT and SHARE this video.

Below is one of a series of animated documentaries produced by the British High Commission Islamabad.

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“Hidden Victims: The Plight of Pakistan’s Child Incest Survivors” by Habiba Nosheen

“An alarming number of children, especially girls, are abused by older family members, who know that their country’s legal system and social mores make it unlikely that they will be punished.”

Click here to read the entire article and watch a video interview of a Pakistani woman who is an incest survivor.

Unfortunately, what is described in Habiba Nosheen’s article is not necessarily limited to Pakistanis living in Pakistan if the revelations of my Pakistani friends in the UK are anything to go by.

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