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Midnight’s Children by Deepa Mehta.

Odeon Stoke does not appear to be screening this movie which makes an important contribution to the world’s understanding of the partition of India and what it meant for millions of Indians, both Hindu and Muslim.

I suggest that Stokies who wish to watch the film contact Odeon Stoke via this link.

You will need to select GUEST SERVICES and STOKE, provide your email and write your message.

This is one movie that all children of Indo-Pakistani immigrants to Britain need to watch. It’s also a movie that those alive at the time of the partition may wish to watch.

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Insaani Haqooq Ka Ilmi Manshoor (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

Insaani Haqooq Ka Ilmi Manshoor (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in Urdu. This is a PDF file.

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Sexual Ethics in Islam: Feminist Reflections on Qur’an, Hadith, and Jurisprudence. By Dr. Kecia Ali

Dr. Kecia Ali is a professor of religion at Boston University. Her books are scholarly in nature and explore the intellectual history and foundations of Islamic law on issues such as marriage, sexuality and gender. Ali notes that most of the commentary on Islamic spirituality and law omits the perspectives of 50% of humanity – women. She tries to address this imbalance in her literature.

Her book on Sexual Ethics within Islam may be of interest to some of you, even if you are non religious but culturally Muslim like myself. Why? Because discussions on the subjects of sex and sexuality rarely occur within Pakistani Muslim households in Stoke-on-Trent. This blog post by a Pakistani woman on Sex Education in Pakistani Households in the West sums the situation up quite nicely!

Also, what’s the best way to read what you want without getting into trouble with your parents/family/peers and get access to lots of free books? Buy an e-reader. That way you can download whatever literature you like (including hundreds of free books that are classics published before 1923) without having to get into protracted discussion about your choice of literature. You’ll also do your eyes a favour since the glare that you have to contend with from a computer screen is absent from e-readers which are designed to simulate the look of a printed words on paper. Before buying an e-reader, you might want to check which e-book format your local library/school/college/university lends (if indeed they do lend e-books) since e-readers are generally limited to specific formats.

Please note, that any book, movie etc recommendations are precisely that, recommendations. Whether you decide to read Kecia Ali or anything else I suggest is entirely your choice and yours alone. Knowledge is power.

Have a great week all.


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