Freethinking Stokie

A blog by a British, Pakistani, North Staffs woman providing analysis and discussion on the issues that our local media struggle with.

The rules

We all share opinions and construct arguments for the sake of better understanding. Rabina does not agree with Mumtaz and Noshin does not give a flying turd what Qasim thinks. That said, they still respect each other at congested dinner parties; they do not throw samosas at one another, nor do they threaten one another. The same applies here. I speak my mind (whatever’s left of it) and I do not appreciate good-for-nothing, foul-mouthed schmucks online or in real life.

There are rules for this blog. I will approve your comment if I sense a rationale (even if it’s negative) behind it. You will see your thoughts calligraphed upon the sacred parchment of my blog. I do not mind bickering if there is a purpose behind it but if you suffer from a chronic case of Online Whinoeria then I cannot cure you of your illness.

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